Whois Bob?

Haven't you ever been ran out of cigarettes on Sunday, of alcohol passed 9:00 pm, starving, wandering desperately looking for an open bakery, beer or cigarettes at 4:00 am ... and everything seems closed... WE DO!... :'(

From to this unfortunate observation came the idea of creating Bob and its website cKiBob.fr

But who is Bob ???

Bob will not be the finest of your knowledge, no, he won't... But Bob knows good hot spots ...
He smoke, drink, eat and know where to find what him and you need to satisfy these « cravings » ;-)

From now on, no more anxious moments when you realize that you have no more than a single cigarette, a 3/4 empty bottle of beer or liquor , no more chips ...
Now you can find, in just a few clicks, the nearest store open passed 21h on weekdays (and until 6.00 am), on Sunday and on public holidays!

To do this, just use our form on the home page

Choose what you need, select an hour, define a research scope and type your address (or let Bob automatically locate yourself by clicking on « locate myself ») and Bob will show you on a map, and in list, all the stores where you can find what you need.
You can then view the details of each store, see a picture of it and view the directions — walking of course... ;-) or bicycling — from your place to this location.

Don't look any further ...


Thanks to whom...

cKibob.fr team

Be involved in community!

You know a gas station or a grocery store open on Sunday or on public holidays?
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cKibob.fr is expanding day by day!

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